Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Locals! Read me!! Yard Sale!

Bargain Shopping Queens have wonderful deals for you!!!
Brand new items deeply discounted, by at LEAST 50%! Health & Beauty, Medicine, Cleaners, Detergents, Razors, and more! Come do your shopping here, not Walmart!

PLUS yard sale items here and the neighbors house...at least 5 families!!!

Don't miss!!
Saturday, May 23
8am to 12noon
527 E Washington St, Chambersburg

Pass on the word!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A LOAD of printable coupons!!

You can print 2 from there ...

Then another 2 from here:
www.couponbug.com or www.coupons.com

Some good ones:
Grey Poupon $1/1
Kraft BBQ $1/1 (cause I need more LMAO)
Velveeta Shells & Cheese $1/1
Crystal Light $2/2
Wheat Thins $1/1
Lunchables $1/2
CoolWhip $1/2
Premium Crackers $1/1
Wheat Thins Toasted Chips $1/1
Kraft Singles $1/2
Kraft Shredded/chunk cheese $1/2
Kraft Easy Mac cups $1/2
Oscar Mayer Bacon $1/2
Triscuits $1/1
Ritz Bits Sandwiches $1/1
Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups $1/2
Crystal Light $1/1
Honey Maid Grahams $1/1
Velveeta Cheese $1/1

Kraft BBQ is on sale at a lot of stores right now for only 99cents, that is FREE after the coupon!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Proud of both my boys today! Bragging rights, please!

Kristopher plays soccer and last week his daddy told him that when he kicks the ball he needs to follow through and go with it. Meaning, stay with the ball! I told Kris that for each goal he'd earn $1 ... last week he got 3 goals. Today, he got 5. Thank God there are only 2 games left! LOL

and now to Jake~
He was given the game ball, for the most effort in his baseball game today!! This is the boy that cried and cried when he didn't want to practice and when he wanted to quit!

2 years ago Jake had the coach he has this year and that coach taught Jake how to be a catcher ... last year Jake was the catcher for another coach. This year, Jake refused to catch, made all kinds of excuses (laziness!!)...The coach knew that is where Jake belonged. In fact, the coach and I have talked about it...

Well, tonight, the coach said to Jake "If you want to play you have to catch" ... Jake said fine.

OMG OMG OMG did he ever do outstanding!! That IS his position! The coaches were all so proud of him...that is where my boy belongs, behind the plate!

Tonight Jake was on cloud 9...I'm on cloud 9! Even though they lost.

So, I treated Jake to a brand new.........(well, he never had one) ..........

CUP. Yep, I had to take Jake to get a penile protector. LOL Boy was that a hoot! He also earned new cleats, I wasn't buying him a new pair until he showed me he wanted to be there. Not that I was letting him ever quit, but I wasn't buying him a pair to do half-ass playing.

Thanks to both my boys for making your mom very very proud of you today!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another way to earn a few bucks ...

while sittin' at the 'puter!

Only thing is that you have to earn $30 before you can request your money. They have a $5 signing bonus ... and so far, I've had many many surveys to fill out. BUT am only at $6.02. LOL I'll play with it a bit more...


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to me...Happy Mother's Day to me...

Happy Mother's Day to meeeeeeeee...............Happy Mother's Day to me!!

Just a little equation, first:
What I wanted for Mom's Day...one of those KitchenAid mixers, but so damn expensive!! Plus, I don't bake, so it would have been used maybe 2 x's a year on mashed potatoes. LOL

What I needed...clothes. I have work clothes...I REFUSE to wear them now!

What I got...TATTOO!!!

What I would have gotten ... N O T H I N G

Frank, Juliana, and I went to lunch w/one of Frank's friends and I had to go to the bathroom. So, I'm sitting there, peeing, looking at my beloved Skechers flip flops (I have 4 pairs of them in different colors/designs and since becoming a SAHM LIVE in them) and thought, how nice a tattoo would look right at the top of the strap ... and just like that I thought of 3 hearts (for each of my babes), something easy, inexpensive, and with meaning. All of this while peeing and looking at feet (ew) ... 30 mins later I was at the Tattoo Parlor w/my new BFF, the same that did my other 2 tats.

Oh, and my NBFF would not let me leave until she touched up my rose on the underside of my wrist, I didn't know it was so faded, it looks wonderful!

By the way, I do understand that I need a pedicure ... and I know I have ugly toes. ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I totally forgot!

I adopted my black 3 - legged cat from the Humane Society (yes, 3 legs!) and with him came an index card. His previous owner was an elderly man, that lost his wife, who left him with 4 grown cats. He couldn't care for them, so took them into the Humane Society. With each one of the cats he had an index card ... written on the card was what each cat liked. A few odd things were on Petey's card.
~Petey loves to eat honeydew melon & cantaloupe.

I didn't remember this until the other night, the kids were eating cantaloupe and Jake left his plate of rhines (how is that spelled?) on the floor...

Petey was in heaven! It's been at least 4 years since he has had any ...

After a bit, Hayden arrived to see what all the fuss was about... Frank and I were watching him and it was like Hayden was thinking: "I don't get it, man" LOL

Friday, May 1, 2009

J and the 3 bears, I mean boys...

Juliana was outside playing with her 'friends' (as she calls them) ... there were 3 of them, all boys, all age 7, one of them being her brother Kris. This is how she returned to me:

Chalk, mud, grass, water, stones, dirt, and Lord knows what else!


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