Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Join me...

at www.ourcouponhome.com ............... check out all the freebies, internet deals, internet printable coupons, store deals w/and w/out coupons etc.

All kinds of talks going on...couponing, what's for dinner, your household cleaning list, your kids, or just plain ole' chit chat about nothing at all, we got it!!!

They are currently running a new members contest! Come check it out ... see what it's about!

www.ourcouponhome.com Please use me, Kerri as the referral!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


it's off to a new coupon site I go!!

www.ourcouponhome.com just opened their internet doors today!! I'm so excited about this that I wanted to share with everyone!!

We've been behind the scenes getting it all ready to debut. Kurt, Steph and Steph are the 'owners' of the site and are just wonderful! They are very outgoing and CARING!!

There are deals posted, regular chat forums, or just news to read. Learn how to coupon, get a heads up on deals at your local stores, or just come to see me!!

I'm there as IRREK (that is Kerri backwards in case you didn't notice) ... hope to see you there!!