Monday, January 26, 2009

"When I grow up...

I'm going to be big."

Brought to you by: Juliana

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee....

This has to be the best birthday ever! I took the day off, got to spend it with my loving husband, and got to spend a lot of money :) ... WOOT! *snicker*

So, a bit of history, LOL ... February 14, 2008, our 10 year anniversary, Frank and I promised each other tattoo's ... well, just about a year later, we finally get them!

In high school, Frank used to draw a rose on his love notes to me. 15 years later he draws it up for me and I get it as a tattoo...The 3 dew drops represent each of the kids...

Located on my wrist...

Then, since Frank wasn't done yet, I got another one. LOL I told Frank that this was my birthday present, cause the other one was for our Anniversary LAST year ...This one hurt sooooo much more than the one on my wrist.

Located on my shin (the side):

My wittle bitty kitty witty ...

Then, the Frankster...his is not finished is the Star of Life with the angel St. Michael on top. He needs to add NREMTP (National Registry EMT Paramedic) to it and coloring...he is adding my 'garnet' color (my birthstone) somewhere and something for the kids...They asked him to come back cause 2 hours was long enough ...

The reddish tint color is Frank's skin bruising, this will turn to gray shading...

So, there we are. Tell me what you think...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Can this be right?

I've lost 15.52 lbs. in 19 days?!? Well, if it is, it has to be coming off from inside, cause my pants don't fit any looser than they did when I lost 7 lbs!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I was tagged...are you next?

1.Go to your documents

2. Go to your 6th file.

3.Go to your 6th picture.

4. Blog about it.

5. Tag 6 friends to do the same.

So, here is my picture:

Well...interesting choice...I haven't told this story on here, so this is good...anyway, this is Hayden (Full Name: Nikki Hayden after the motorcycle racer ~ what is that correct term, Frank?) getting his first bath w/in hours of bringing him home. In December, 2007, I lost a cat we had for just about 10 years, he died in his sleep...(poor Cookie, I still miss him!) after numerous attempts at finding a kitten, Christmas time is not a good time to find a kitten!, we decided to go to a farm and ask if they had any.

We couldn't find that farm, LOL, but when we turned down the road we thought the farm was on, we saw about 20 (or more) tailless cats and they were running after our car!

It was a site to see, I've never had cats attack my car or had seen so many tailless cats at a time! Frank stopped the van and talked me into knocking on the door and asking them if we can have one of their kittens (there were so many!) ... Frank said "Make sure it's that fluffy one with a tail! I don't want a cat w/out a tail!"

So, I go a I'm walking to the door, all the tailless cats, and the kitten w/a tail, are following me, rubbing against my legs, tripping me, anything to get some lovving...the fluffy kitten is purring soooooooo loud that he was shaking the ground (ok not really, but you get what I mean), so I knock and a very elderly man comes to the door with another 20+ tailless cats...(and the smell, OMG, the smell!)

I explained to him what had happened to my cat and explained to him about no kittens to be found and explained to him how we couldn't find the farm...I asked him if we could buy a kitten off of him.

He looked at me, and then at the cats, and then said "You can have that there kitten w/the tail. He made himself at home here and I only collect the cats w/out tails."

So, that is how we got Hayden ... w/a tail ...

Now...I tag, Kristi, Aunt Cheri, Shelle, Kyla & Gail!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 15! --- WOW That went fast!

I'm at 9 lbs of weight loss! Yeah me!!

Portion control, less snacking and the Wii Fit is working!

I want to loose another 10 lbs by next Friday...I'll be happy with 5!

Thanks for all the encouragement!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 10 ...

Well, as the days go on, the dieting gets easier. Finding the time to use the Wii Fit gets tougher, though. Day 3 was my hardest day!

I've gotten my portion size under control, although, it is hard to walk away when I'm full. I'm so used to eating everything in sight ... and eating off the kids plates.

At 6 days I recalculated my weight on the Wii ... I lost 4 lbs. Not much, but it's something. I can tell a diff in buttoning my pants, and my baby stomach wiggles once again. HA!

Still going..............

Free Garnier Shampoo / Conditioner / Styling Products at Walgreens!

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