Saturday, May 31, 2008

How many Care Bears can fit in a crib?


Can ya name them all?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

He did it!!

*Excuse me while I brag*

Frank passed his Paramedic class!!! He got an 86% on his final written/practical exam today and a 90% for the year! He can graduate!! My husband is a graduate!

But, we aren't out yet. (well, he isn't out yet, feels like 'we' because well, because I went through this right along with him. It has been a long year!) On Tuesday, he will be taking his National Exam. He won't be able to practice paramedicine until he passes the National Exam...

Frank just got home ... I mis-understood the Tuesday thing...

Tuesday is 1 of 2 days ... He has the practical National exam on Tuesday. He also has to take a 'written' exam as well. That is to be scheduled.

All positive thoughts welcome!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm so excited...that I just can't hide it!

The Pennsylvania Institute of Applied Health Sciences

Cordially Invites you to Witness
Commencement Exercises
Paramedic Program
Class of 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
7 O'Clock In the Evening
Wayxxxxxxxxx Ambulance Squad
Public Events Hall - Lower Level

Reception Following Exercises

So proud of you, Frank!

Oh, we are almost there ... WOOT!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Purple Saurous Rex

Kristopher has had a purple front top tooth since he was a little over 2. He fell in the shower and hit his tooth on the faucet ... For over 4 years now we have lived with this tooth. (Dentist wouldn't pull it because it wasn't all 'dead' and it needed to be there for the other tooth) It's been in all pictures even his 1st school picture (pre-school). It got to a point, that for pictures, he wouldn't smile and would just grin, if you can call it that.
On Thursday, Kris came running inside smiling. He lost a tooth, yeah!! Finally a top tooth came out and we are both excited and I looked closer and said "Oh, BooBoo why not the purple one?" We both laughed. He told me that he was playing on the trampoline and got his tooth stuck in the net (these top 2 teeth have been loose for soooo long) and it popped out (they couldn't find it anywhere). So, I took a picture of his purple tooth just hanging on for dear life:

I told Kris that when that tooth finally comes out, it will be worth a lot of money.

Then, Frank enters the scene ... with floss. *enter screaming and crying here* Kris finally lets Frank pull the much hated purple tooth.The purple saurous rex is now the toothless saurous rex.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I should explain...

my 'about me/profile' section...some of them anyway.

2 boys - Ages 8 and 6. Both in baseball (youngest in t-ball).

1 girl
- Age 2. High maintenance, girly girl in dressing, girly boy in play.

a husband
- Age XX, let's just say old enough to know that you don't let the boys up past their bedtime on school nights! Currently working full-time, going to school for Paramedic, working for free (clinical hours), and 2 part-time jobs. Shucks, I forget his name.

a few cats - 2 inside cats, 1 being a kitten. An outside cat, and a bajillion strays. Like I said, a few.

laundry - and lots of it. Even with triple loaders it NEVER gets done.

lost socks
- goes right along w/the lost shoes that were left right where you took them off.

my trips through hell - With kids, this is a given. Worry, anxiety, fear, being frighten - should explain it. If you go to hell in a laundry basket, it makes it less hell-ish.

the color pink - this color invaded our house 2 1/2 years ago and I'm loving it!

working - Monday through Friday 9 to 530. Mom still hasn't told me the secret of working and raising kids, while maintaining a household.

- my phobia ... along with bugs

bargain shopping - I love all things clearance (especially combined with a coupon!)

my attempt at saving money (IE Coupons) - Ah ... you'll see

It's About Time

It really is. I finally started a blog!