Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A blog post of random nothingness ...

I have all kinds of thoughts running through my mind, so this very well could be a jumbled mess of nothingness.

It's been 15 months, that's 1 year and 3 months (sounds like I'm telling a kid's age,) since we've moved to Colorado and I have a few things to say about it.

Man, do I ever miss my mom and dad and extended family and friends. I miss them like I'd miss my right arm (you see, I'm right handed) and would give anything to have them out here with me. Yes, you heard me, out here, in Florence, Colorado, because I'm afraid to say, I'm never moving back to PA unless something drastic happens and I'm forced to. Wow, I said it. I'm not moving back. It think I realized this once we hit the 1 year point. I'm determined to raise my kids here in bum-fuck no where. But I'll be damned if they stay here, after school, it's too small of a town. They need to get out there in the big wide world.

So, on my mind is a bunch of places and things I miss from my PA life. Might as well get them out. It's a given that I miss my family and friends, I miss their hugs, their support. My mom/dad and extended family would always have a Happy Hour to go to or a party to go to ... at these parties I'd get to let my hair down and I'd see people that I'd only see 1 x a year and we'd catch up, we'd have a blast, I'd drink and knowing my mom/dad/extended family were there it was ok ... I miss it. I miss the talks, the music, the food, the beer bong, the smoking, the drinks.

OMG, NYC, I miss NYC and I've only been 3 x's ... love going into the basements to buy knock off name brand purses, watching a car being broken into (while hearing the dude say "Oh man, it smells so new"), the hustle and bustle of people, the closeness on Canal Street ... LOL That city gives you such a rush!

BB's -- this is too funny. I miss BB's, you know the bent and dent grocery store. Man could I ever get deals there! I miss following the Amish in their horse drawn carts and thinking about their 'simple' but 'hard' life.

STORES! The closeness of Target, Kohl's, Giant, Weis, CVS, Rite Aid ... oh how I wish I could get those stores, here, in bum-fuck no where!!!

Hi's. Yep, the Hi's from people I knew. I can go an entire day here and not see anyone I know.

Hopping in the car with someplace to go or someone to visit. To be there when family or a friend needs me.

RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work. I miss my clients. They were/are great people. I miss their adventures and miss setting up their vacations.

So, enough of that ... I have way more, but I can't dwell on it. Well, might as well tell you what I love about here.

Without my neighbor, Roxie, and her 2 beautiful girls, I don't think I could have made it. This past summer Roxie and I would BS and talk every day (still do!) ... Now, there are 2 neighbors that keep me going ... and about every other week we go out just to dinner ... Ok, fine the $1.99 Margaritas are involved too.

The beauty is unbelievable out here. The mountains that surround us are breathtaking. How God created such a beautiful state, I don't know ... How I deserve to see it every day, I don't know.

Schools. They may be small, but that just makes it so much easier for me to get to know all the teachers ... and principals ... and assistant principals ... and counselor ... (Big 'ole THANKS to my 11 year old, he can try to run, but he isn't going to get far).

People. The people here in general are just nice and laid back ... I still remember the first time I met our landlord, he told me to slow down (talking) or I wasn't going to make it here. Ha!

Ok, so this is getting boring ... I love way many other things here, but I don't need to bore myself.

A few more randomness-es:

You know how you meet someone in your life that you are forever grateful for? They could have sold you a car, given you a big mac, or delivered your UPS package. Well, I've met 2 Stephanie's that I feel that way for. How did I meet them? Online, of course.......

Without my animals, I'd be no more. Or, I'd have none and it would look rather funny seeing all the food dishes laying around the house. I'd be bored...I wouldn't have to vacuum 20 x's a day.

Corn snakes. What amazing creatures.

Ugly curtains are a must. They provide hours of nausea.

Music lifts my mood.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Blog Post of Random Nothingness~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~